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About – Softwares.com.pk


Our story

About us

Our story

Softwares.com.pk has been providing information technology solutions, to all types of industries and markets, since 2000, having a clients in different parts of the Pakistan.

We consist of a team of dedicated information technology, accountancy and marketing professionals who have experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Our mission

We believe in and strive hard to develop long-lasting relationship with our clients. Our mission is to provide the best services to our clients.

Our vision

Success of your business depends on the utilization of your business resources. We advise you on how to minimize costs and risks, and maximize return on your investments. We help you exploit the full potential of your business resources by providing you the best information technology solutions so that you can meet your most critical needs.

Let’s work together

Our team will provide you online demo for accounting management software using teamviewer or anydesk. We will also provide online support to our customers using these softwares.

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