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Cheap Domain purchase in Pakistan – Softwares.com.pk

Domain purchase in Pakistan


Cheap Domain purchase in Pakistan

Best Domain Purchase in Pakistan

It is hard to associate our company with one word. Our business is an all-rounder, providing you with Domain Purchase in Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi) services ranging from finding best domain name to domain registration for only 1600 PKR, and web hosting in Pakistan for 3500 PKR to creating a website. For us, a satisfied client is the outcome and the aim. We want our customers to not fret about the issues that one faces when going through the tedious method of having a website developed.

Our priority is to make you aware about Domain Purchase in Pakistan and the procedures and intricacies involved in this process and then take you along with us in this step-by-step progression.

We understand that sometimes it is hard to comprehend the terminologies and information used when talking about things as complicated as setting up a website. Nonetheless, to fulfill our priority, we have tried to make the understanding easier for you. Read ahead to grasp the work involved to get you an up and running web interface.

Table of Content

Purchase Domain Name & Website Registration in Pakistan For Your Business

There was a time when setting up a business was the cost one seemed to worry about. Nowadays, the worries are a little different. Now, businesses worry more about their online presence and how much it will cost them to have a good one. The first thing to consider when setting up an online web interface is buying a domain name and having it registered.

Purchase Domain names are the tricky cost here because they could be expensive. However, Softwares.com.pk makes this an easy task to perform. As one of the best domain providers, Softwares.com.pk finds you a cheap yet the most appropriate domain name, particular to your company.

Buy domain online in Pakistan once that is done, our company also provides domain registration services in Pakistan that save you from the hassle of having the name registered yourself. There are only a handful companies that have the authority and allowance to register a PK domain name, and we are one of the few on top of that list. 

Domain Registration in Pakistan

List of affordable domain prices in Pakistan for registration domain name from Softwares.com.pk. Buy domain in Pakistan to make your business presence for your customers. Buy cheap pk domain for specially Pakistan Business and grow digitally in Pakistan.

Extension Registration Price
.COM.PK Rs.2500/2Years
.COM Rs.1600/1Year
.COM.PK Rs.2450/2Years
.PK Rs.2500/2Years*
.ORG.PK Rs.2450/2Years
.NET Rs.2000/1Year
.ORG Rs.2350/1Year
.BIZ Rs.2640/1Year
.AE Rs.6580/1Year
.CO.UK Rs.2590/1Year
.TV Rs.7400/1Year
.CO Rs.2680/1Year
.SHOP Rs.7900/1Year
.NET.PK Rs.2650/2Years
.BIZ.PK Rs.2550/2Years
.GOV.PK Rs.2600/2Years*
.GOP.PK Rs.2500/2Years*
.GOS.PK Rs.2600/2Years*
.GKP.PK Rs.2650/2Years*
.GOB.PK Rs.2580/2Years*
.GOG.PK Rs.2500/2Years*
.GOK.PK Rs.2500/2Years*


Best Domain purchase services in Pakistan (Lahore)

Our work is an all-rounder (buy web domain, sell domains online, domain hosting) and we are able to provide your services in this regard from start to finish. The major benefit of having your domain name registered through a domain provider company like us is that our services are low-cost and provide timely results. Our registration services extend to all second level Domain extensions and Governmental extensions as well, such as:

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .CO
  • .PK
  • .COM.PK
  • .NET.PK

The Steps of Creating a Website

The worries don’t stop there. This was the first step in the lengthy process of having an online platform. Once you have your domain name registered, the next step is to look for a hosting company. Fortunately, you would not have to look far as we, at Softwares.com.pk, are the complete package to your web service needs.

As one of the most renowned web hosting companies, we tailor your website to your bandwidth and space needs so that you can cater for your customers well. From large bandwidth to small and limited space, it is no feat for us to cover all your requirements with finesse.

Our job is to provide you with a server and connection, with all the related maintenance services.

The Legalities for Domain purchase in Pakistan

As per PKNIC registry’s policy, all types of Pakistani ccTlds can be registered for a minimum of 2 years. Currently, the decision to register it for 1 year is pending on PKNIC registry. If you are a local or foreigner and operating a business in Pakistan or intending to do so, then PK name is the best choice for your presence on the Internet. PK Domain also helps others which are not originated in Pakistan but have their business or willing to set up their business in Pakistan.

Get Domain Purchase in Pakistan Instantly

They can present their business with their company name as a Pakistan registered Company in other countries. As mentioned above, that PK domain gets registered for a minimum of two years, which is why, after the completion of its time period (2 years) it will require a renewal process. This entails you having to pay again for the domain after its expiration or consider getting it registered for maximum 10 Years at the same time.

Another factor which is highly important and differs in terms of registering/renewing other Tlds or ccTlds, is that price is less for those with local address and whereas, people must pay heavy charges for international identities.

Renewal Process for Domain purchase in Pakistan Guide

The renewal process does not incur more costs than the original payments made for registration. The process and the payment remain the same even after 2 years. Our popularity owes to the all-in-one services that we dispense. From offering a wide range of .PK domain in affordable prices to providing a reselling panel for PKNIC. This panel lets you manage yours and your client’s domains on your own with easy navigation and process.

Softwares.com.pk is providing cheap domain purchase rate in Pakistan

You can compare our prices with any other company or services provider like us. Recently, we achieved our target for registering more than 5000 PK online web names. This target is due to the sheer competency and experience of our employees that are able to consistently produce timely and quality results and bring Softwares.com.pk to greater positions in the market.

Register your domain name today

Get ready to register or purchase domain name with us so why not today just click the below button and connect with us.

How to buy domain in pakistan?

Its very easy to buy domain in Pakistan, just whatsapp us your domain name and we will register for you.

.com.pk domain price in pakistan?

.com.pk domain price in Pakistan is only 2500 PKR/2years

Domain name registration pakistan?

Softwares.com.pk is providing best domain name registration pakistan services in Lahore Pakistan.

Who is the best pk domain provider?

Softwares.com.pk is the best pk domain provider in all over the Pakistan that provides best domain registration in Pakistan.

how to get .pk domain?

To get .pk domain name you just need to call us or contact us for domain name purchase in Pakistan Lahore.

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